What Causes A Severe Sinus Headache

What Causes A Severe Sinus Headache

By | December 31, 2016

a severe sinus headache is usually the result of sinusitis. When people have sinusitis, their sinuses are not draining properly because they are blocked. sinuses are blocked when they get irritated and inflamed, and sinusitis causing this. . cold, flu, and allergies are the main causes of sinusitis when a person’s sinus cavity filled with mucus that can not flow, how much pressure a person feels in this area increases, and as a result the person will often experience a severe sinus headache .

when a severe sinus headache persists for more than a few days, it may be necessary to see a physician. In most cases, doctors can help patients determine if their headaches are caused by sinus inflammation or other problems. Doctors can diagnose a sinus headache by asking their patients questions about their symptoms, along with checking for signs of congestion and drainage inside the ears and neck. people who have chronic sinusitis often experience sinus headaches on a regular basis, and these people are often referred to an ear, nose and throat doctors because surgery on sinuses is occasionally necessary for treatment.
most of the time, a severe sinus headache go away by themselves after sinuses are no longer inflamed and blocked. if headaches were a direct result of a cold or allergy, it will likely disappear around the same time cold and allergy symptoms lessen. there are also many things people can do at home to ease their discomfort as they have sinus headaches. Doctors often recommend nasal irrigation and humidifier use to help with sinus symptoms. anti-inflammatory pain medicine may also help to relieve the pain as a severe sinus headache can cause.

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