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How To Reduce Intake Fluoride

Fluoride is touted as the best way to prevent cavities, along with regular flossing and brushing. While some dentists claim that fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, others dentists disagree with the amount of fluorine to do so. Many municipal water systems in Europe and the United States began adding fluoride to water treatment… Read More »


glossitis is a harmless condition that results from heavy inflammation. acute or chronic irritation causes the tongue to be smooth, turn dark red and swell. Some people inherit the condition from their parents, but most cases of glossitis caused by various environmental factors. A dentist can help patients experience relief of symptoms by identifying and… Read More »

How To Ensure That You And Your Children Get Enough Vitamin D.

Are you or your children are getting enough vitamin D? Probably not. Vitamin D is an important nutrient for children and adults. Recent federal studies show that almost 68% of young people in the US lacks vitamin D and 9% of these are lacking.The American Academy of Pediatrics “doubled the recommended daily intake of vitamin… Read More »

Symptoms Of Candida Esophagitis

Candida esophagitis is a yeast infection that occurs in a person’s throat. common symptoms of Candida esophagitis is pain and difficulty swallowing. thrush, or a yeast infection of the mouth, is another common symptom of Candida esophagitis. a person who has trouble swallowing usually also experience pain when trying to swallow. pain may occur in… Read More »