By | January 1, 2017

glossitis is a harmless condition that results from heavy inflammation. acute or chronic irritation causes the tongue to be smooth, turn dark red and swell. Some people inherit the condition from their parents, but most cases of glossitis caused by various environmental factors. A dentist can help patients experience relief of symptoms by identifying and treating the underlying causes. maintain a nutritious diet and good oral hygiene can prevent tongue problems coming back.

heavy irritation leading to discoloration and swelling should be inspected by a dentist to make an accurate diagnosis. the underlying cause of the symptoms must be prepared to ensure that patients receive effective treatment. A dentist can carefully inspect your tongue and try to determine the cause glossitis. if the reasons for the tongue inflammation is unclear, a patient may be referred to a doctor to get blood and tissue tests performed.
patients are often given anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate the immediate symptoms of pain and swelling. glossitis caused by hot food, alcohol and tobacco can usually be resolved by avoiding the annoying. burns and direct injuries tend to heal itself in a few days without direct medical treatment, and most infections can be treated with antibiotics. in the case of a vitamin deficiency, a doctor may suggest that a patient taking supplements and making dietary changes. regardless of the cause of glossitis, practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental checkups are important for preventing future mouth and tongue problems.

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