How To Ensure That You And Your Children Get Enough Vitamin D.

How To Ensure That You And Your Children Get Enough Vitamin D.

By | January 1, 2017

Are you or your children are getting enough vitamin D? Probably not.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for children and adults. Recent federal studies show that almost 68% of young people in the US lacks vitamin D and 9% of these are lacking.
The American Academy of Pediatrics “doubled the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for infants and children in 2008 as a result of studies that show 40% of infants and toddlers were deficient and the myriad of health risks associated with the defect.

Vitamin D affects the health issues that rickets, hypertension, bone health and diabetes. ? How can you provide for your family getting enough vitamin D
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organic lemons


Start by having your family’s vitamin D levels checked. This can be done by your doctor, or an in-home test through VitaminDCouncil. org, or join D * action (http: // www. grassroots health. net / d-action) and get their vitamin D testing study.

The test you want is 25-hydroxyvitamin D test, also called a 25 (OH) D. Once you know your levels you can decide how to raise or if you are lucky maintain vitamin D. Your levels change throughout the year, so some doctors recommend tested every six months.


The healthiest way to get vitamin D is through food. Fresh fish like salmon, tuna and catfish are good sources. For vegetarians there is no vegetable options but eggs (especially egg yolks) and mushrooms contain vitamin D.

TA suppliments
While taking supplements is not a substitute for a healthy diet, they can help to increase levels of vitamin D in the body. Check your multivitamin and make sure it contains vitamin D or take a supplement.

For children there are chewable options Flintstones and for babies it is floating options that Gerber Vitamin Drops.
A natural way to up levels is cod liver oil.

Supplements are important during winter when outdoors is restricted and the angle of the sun is weaker.

Encourage time outdoors where you and your children can absorb solar radiation that stimulates the production of vitamin D. Your latitude, time of day and natural skin pigment determine how much time you need to get sufficient vitamin D. For most 5 to 30 minutes of sun exposure on the body (without sunscreen) twice a week will do it. If you’re going to be out longer than 30 minutes apply sunscreen.

fortified FOODS

Check the labels on dairy products. Some like milk, yogurt, margarine and butter are fortified. Many breads, cereals, orange juice and soymilk also has Vitamin D added. Make a special effort to put these foods in your shopping cart.

Tips and Warnings

Can I make vitamin D through a window? No UV radiation does not penetrate glass.
Can I make vitamin D when I have sunscreen on? No, sunscreen blocks UV rays which is what encourages D production. Use of sunscreen for 15 minutes in the sun can give you enough rays to vitamin D production.

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