Diabetics Can Eat Chocolate?

Diabetics Can Eat Chocolate?

By | January 2, 2017

Diabetics can eat chocolate! Chocolate has many health benefits that are great for both healthy people and diabetics. A diabetic must consider both carbohydrates and sugar count before eating a piece of chocolate. It is also important to always follow your doctor’s orders about the consumption of sweets

Chocolate Benefits
Dark chocolate and cocoa have been shown to help the cardiovascular system. According to Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, column writer for the Mayo Clinic website, chocolate help reduce the risk of “cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels. “

The benefits of chocolate come from antioxidant flavanols found in cocoa plant. While other plants such as tea, grapes and grapefruit contains flavanols, the cocoa bean incredibly rich on them.

Best Chocolate has Sources
It is important to know which sources of chocolate contain the most flavanols to reap the most benefits. Cocoa powder and baking chocolate most flavanols, so they have the highest nutritional benefits. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate, while white chocolate provides some health benefits.

Sugar-free chocolate
Many sugarless chocolate on the market today. These chocolates are beneficial for diabetics because they cause insulin levels to spike. According to Magee, sugar substitutes found in these chocolates are “particularly useful for people with diabetes because only part of the [sugar substitute] is digested and absorbed. And the part that is absorbed through the intestine is absorbed slowly, so there is little increase in blood sugar and little need for insulin. “

Most chocolate candies use sugar substitutes like sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, Isomalt and maltitol to sweeten candies. But there is a downside to these sweeteners. They can cause stomach upset, including gas and diarrhea.

Sugar-free chocolate is not a “free” food. These chocolate still contains calories and saturated fat even though they have fewer calories and fat than their high sugar counterparts. It is always important to follow the section guidelines not to overindulge in chocolate. No prospective health benefits are worth creating a bigger problem from overindulgence.

Regular Chocolate
Plain chocolate can be enjoyed by diabetics. However, diabetics should limit their chocolate intake to dark chocolate or cocoa powder. It is also important to limit regular chocolate intake. Select small chocolates instead of large candy bars, and limit your intake to just one serving.

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