How To Choose Leaner Cuts Of Pork

How To Choose Leaner Cuts Of Pork

By | January 2, 2017

While pork has a bad reputation for being high in fat, today’s farming methods produced much leaner pigs, which means leaner pork. If you try to reduce the amount of fat in your diet you will want to choose leaner cuts of pork

Look for a lean center cut pork loin. This cut of pork has 130 calories per four-ounce serving, five grams of fat, two grams of saturated fat and 45 milligrams of cholesterol.

Consider pork tenderloin. This cut is even slimmer than the center cut pork loin with three grams of fat, one gram of saturated fat and 62 milligrams of cholesterol.

Sink your teeth into a pork boneless top loin chop. This cut of pork has just over five grams of fat, less than two grams of saturated fat and about 61 milligrams of cholesterol per four-ounce serving.

Shop for a lean pork fried. Pork top loin roast has 147 calories per four ounce serving, 5. 3 grams of fat, 1.5 grams saturated fat and only 68 milligrams of cholesterol.

Tips and Warnings

You can reduce the amount of fat in other cuts of pork by having butcher trim the fat down. You can even have them trim fat from above lean cuts to make them even slimmer.
Even lean cuts of pork can make you gain weight if you do not control your portion size. A normal serving size for swine is about four grams, which is about the size of a deck. If you are on a diet cut this serving size in half.

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