How To Inject Winstrol V

How To Inject Winstrol V

By | January 3, 2017

Winstrol V is a veterinary steroid hormone produced and distributed in the US by Winthrop Veterinary and Upjohn. According to bodybuilding. com, it is the third most abused steroids by athletes. It comes in an aqueous solution, either in an ampule or a vial, with a recommended dose of 50 mg. You must inject it into the intramuscular tissue

You need:. .

Winstrol V.

Sterile syringes (22 or 23 gauge x 1.
5 inches).

Container to dispose of used needles.

Surgical gloves.

safety first

Ensure that Winstrol V is not outdated. Only use a sterile syringe still in a sealed package. Scrub your hands with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Wipe the needle, vial and injection site with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Put the liquid into the syringe. If Winstrol V comes in an ampule, you must bounce off the upper part of this glass container. It is easier to do if you only score it with a metal file. Once you have removed the top, place the needle against the glass at the bottom of the liquid. Then, with steady pressure, pull back on the syringe stop until all the liquid is in the syringe.

If Winstrol V comes in a plug-topped vial, first to increase pressure inside the vial. Pull back on the plunger until it is full of air. Then put the needle through the stopper top (but not into the liquid) and expel all the air. You may need to repeat this several times to achieve a high enough pressure in the vial.
Then take a new needle and insert it into the vial. Turn the vial at a 60-degree angle and with steady pressure, slowly pull the syringe stopper before extracting the desired amount of Winstrol V.

When the liquid is in the syringe, turn it upside down (so that the needle points to the ceiling). Then slowly press the plunger until you have expelled all the air from the needle.

Choose your injection site. Winstrol V requires an intramuscular injection site and the body has eight that you can use (see photos). The most commonly used areas are the buttocks, thighs and shoulders. You must make certain not to hit a nerve or blood vessel, so make sure you inject a very specific part of the muscle. Likewise, if your shoulders are not very muscular, not inject Winstrol V into them. You should also rotate injection sites each time you inject Winstrol V to prevent the buildup of scar tissue (which makes the needle is difficult to insert).

Prepare the injection site. Before you wipe down your injection site with isopropyl alcohol, you may first want to loosen up the muscles and skin. You can do this by massaging the tissue or using a heating pad or warm compress to the area. Making one of these will prevent the build up of scar tissue. To minimize the pain of injection using Winstrol V which is at room temperature.

Inject Winstrol V. In order to inject Winstrol V, initially using thumb and forefinger to pinch together a 2 or 3-inch fold of skin. While holding the syringe like a pencil, piercing the skin fast in 90-degree angle and set the entire length of the needle. Then slowly pull back on the plunger. If blood enters the syringe, you MUST remove the needle and try again, injecting Winstrol V directly into the bloodstream can cause serious medical complications.
If no blood enters the syringe, press down on the plunger with slow, steady pressure until you have expelled all the liquid. Follow the direction of entry and remove the needle. Keep a isopropyl-soaked cotton ball over the injection site. If bleeding occurs, apply a bandage and an antibacterial gel.
Discard syringe and cotton swabs in a proper puncture-proof container and take it to a landfill that accepts biological waste.

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