How To Use Vitamin Supplements

How To Use Vitamin Supplements

By | January 4, 2017

Vitamin supplements can be a useful addition to your daily diet health. They are meant to give you the vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your diet. They are not meant to replace a proper diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Most people need a subsidy because their diets are deficient in many of the important vitamins necessary for maximum efficiency

Think about where you are deficient. If you do not eat enough fruit daily, so you may need extra vitamin C. If your diet is low in green leafy vegetables, you may need to add a little vitamin E and folic acid.

Spend your money wisely. Supplements can be very expensive, and if you think you have to have all natural vitamins, you may not be able to afford them all the time. Synthetic vitamins provide the same amount of nutrients the body needs and is more cost effective.

Look at expiration dates and a USP label indicating that the product is approved by the federal government and are safe to take. Vitamins lose potency after a certain date, so they should always be fresh or you’re wasting your time.

Take a supplement if you are on a restrictive diet, either by choice or for a medical necessity. Pregnant and elderly should take a multi-vitamin, because natural aging and growth processes can zap your body of necessary nutrients.

Tips and Warnings

Read labels before buying supplements. Be careful not to overdose on vitamins. Stay away from supplements that claim to give you mega doses of certain nutrients, which suggests that more is always better. It is not. Avoid supplements that contain more than the recommended daily dose.

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