How Does Iron Intake Health?

How Does Iron Intake Health?

By | January 5, 2017

Iron is an essential dietary mineral

Iron is an element found abundantly in the earth’s crust, and most living organisms on Earth require iron in some form of survival. In humans, iron is important feature in its storage in hemoglobin, or red blood cells, which assists with the ability of cells to carry oxygen to other body parts. Also, since many types of bacteria need iron to survive, limiting iron intake can inhibit the ability of bacteria to reproduce inside the body. Since the body also requires iron to survive, it is not practical to limit iron intake of hits over time. Total ordinary people have 2-4 grams of iron in the body, of which over half is stored in hemoglobin.
Iron deficiency and overdose

Lack of sufficient iron in the body leading to iron deficiency, which often leads to iron deficiency anemia, a condition in which the blood does not have enough healthy red bloods cells because hemoglobin has not iron it needs to function properly. Iron deficiency can be caused by insufficient iron intake, the loss of large amounts of blood, chronic bleeding and iron absorption is absent. Symptoms of low iron intake include: pale skin, fatigue and irritability. Conversely, too much iron intake lead to iron overload, which can damage the heart and liver, potentially resulting in death.
Maintain an appropriate level of iron
Since iron is an essential mineral, yet has serious side effects of too little or too much is ingested, it is important to ensure that the iron is consumed at a level that will keep the blood and body healthy. Generally, normal consumption of food will provide all the iron your body needs, since most foods contain at least trace amounts of iron. Meat and seafood contain iron, and fortified cereals, bread and vegetables. Raisins are also a good source of iron. For people with disorders that makes iron absorption more difficult, or women who are menstruating, nursing or pregnant, take a multivitamin containing iron or an iron supplement can help increase iron levels. In general, an overdose of iron are unlikely by eating regular food, usually it only occurs in people whose bodies have a deficiency in regulating the amount of iron in the body, or from an extreme and sudden intake of iron, which swallowed many iron supplements at the same time.

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