How To Increase Or Decrease Metabolism

How To Increase Or Decrease Metabolism

By | January 5, 2017

If you’re like the average adult then you have a few pounds that you want to lose. Not so typical are those who have an overactive metabolism. Whether you want to boost metabolism or reduce metabolism these steps should help point you in the right direction

You need:.

A genuine desire to change.
Ability to walk or sit in a chair and exercise your upper body.

Reducing combustion go to the doctor to rule out any health problems. While most people would be envious of the thought that someone had a high metabolism it may be more to it then just to be thin. You should be evaluated by your doctor for hyperthyroidism that can lead to weight loss, nervousness, heart palpitations and other health conditions. There are other medical conditions that can cause unexplained weight loss. Anyway, working with Doctor for the best course of treatment if necessary.

If you get a clean bill of health it is possible that you are one of those individuals who have a naturally high metabolism, which in many cases are genetic. Although you may find it difficult to lower your metabolism you should still follow a healthy diet. After all thin people can develop heart disease and other health conditions. A good diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains,
and foods high in calcium like low fat and fat free dairy products. Use heart healthy fats like olive oil and nuts and seeds that are naturally high in good fats. Cutting down on saturated fats and avoid trans fats.

To boost your metabolism starts with a trip to your doctor as well. Let your doctor rule out health problems such as an under active thyroid and gives you the green light to change diet and exercise habits. You can follow a diet similar to those with high metabolism, but you will probably need to adjust calories. Another natural metabolism booster is to eat six small meals instead of three large meals per day. Are you a breakfast skipper? One of the best tips to speed up your metabolism is by starting your day with a healthy breakfast.

For exercise, simply adding a few quick trips of 30 minutes per week will increase your metabolism. Lifting a few times per week is also very good since muscle burns more calories than fat. Individuals who strength train will naturally burn more calories throughout the day ,. . Even at rest

Visit a dietitian. Whether you need to boost a slow metabolism or you struggle to gain weight with high metabolism, visit a dietitian is a great place to start since he or she will put you on proper diet tailored to your needs. Ask your doctor for a referral.
Visit a dietitian may or may not be covered by insurance. If visiting a dietitian is not an option ask your doctor for an eating plan that is right for you.

Tips and Warnings

Some argue that adding spicy food and green tea to your diet can help to accelerate metabolism.
Since underlying health problems may be the reason for a fast or slow metabolism is very important to get Doctor’s okay before starting any diet and exercise plan.

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