How To Lose Weight Shopping

How To Lose Weight Shopping

By | January 5, 2017

Shop-a-holics with a few extra pounds to lose can kick their weight loss into overdrive with these great tips to lose weight shopping.

Diets are never easy, but when you combine your weight loss efforts with your favorite activity-shopping can expedite the process and help you achieve your goals faster
These simple steps will help you avoid temptation, inspire yourself, and turn the head to the stores in a healthy ,. effective training. Small changes make all the difference when it comes to losing weight.

You need:
Determination to Lose Weight

. Shopping addiction.


Make a list
Lose weight shopping by keeping focus. A shopping trip without a list is like a scavenger hunt with clues. You can find what you need, but you’re just as likely to find what you do not want -. The temptation to cheat

Wherever you shop, most stores (even gift shops) offer a wide variety of delicious treats. Having a list can help keep your mind and hands off diet-unfriendly purchases. Keep written shopping goals with you all the time and you are more likely to stay on the path to weight loss destination.

Leave your credit cards and checkbook at home. Shopping for weight loss is a cash-only endeavor. Having just enough to buy things you need will make it difficult to invest in diet-killing foods. It’s harder to cheat on your weight loss plan if you are forced to choose between cheating and buy what you need.


It may seem like a small weight loss gesture, but parking farther away on a regular basis will increase aerobic exercise. Create parking hiking part of every shopping trip, and you can add miles to walking workouts each week (if you are a frequent shopper). The more you move, the more you will lose weight shopping.

lunch out is a great way to kill your diet. Not only is it expensive ($ 10. 00 or more, depending on where you eat), but it will also take away the healthy cardio benefits of shopping.

Instead of eating out, except that money for another shopping trip. Pack a healthy, diet-friendly lunch and invest financial savings in a great measure outfits.

Regardless of why you plan a trip to the mall, a great way to help lose weight shopping is to make a habit of goal pursuit. Wherever you go, keep an eye out for cute outfit you want to fit in. You do not need to buy them, but keep an eye on price will help to strengthen your commitment to weight loss. .

bargain hunting

It is a fact-people who bargain hunt put much more emphasis on their purchases. Lose weight shopping by increasing your footsteps, stretching, and overall training effort. Compare one item to another. Compare prices from store to store. The more you move, the better for your weight loss.

Studies have routinely shown a link between stress and weight gain. Stress factors, such as dependence on others, can derail weight loss in a variety of ways. Stress has an emotional impact, making us want to eat more and walk less. However, it affects stress hormones also, bl. a. insulin and cortisol, major players in how we metabolize food and lose weight. Shopping with your own car is a great way to ensure you are always in control, always have the option to go wherever you want and avoid diet-killing stressors.


Just because you want to stop and spend 20 minutes at the jewelry counter, it does not mean you have to stop shopping workout. Isometrics is a great way to train yourself when your feet have stopped moving. Increase weight loss by adding some isometric exercises when standing still or sitting.

A great way to lose weight shopping, is to make it MUCH. You do not need to spend money. Just window shopping or browsing while using these techniques will help you remain productive and will contribute to weight loss. If a day of shopping can help you burn an extra 300-600 calories, how much can you burn in 3 or 4 trips per week? Shopping can help you lose as much as one additional kilo per week.
Get Skinny! Get shopping!

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