How To Lose Weight Think Smart

How To Lose Weight Think Smart

By | January 5, 2017

Knowing how to lose weight think smart will help you get the body you want. You must retrain your brain so that you no longer crave foods that add to the waist. Stop dreading exercise and embrace it. Change your mind so you can live healthy instead of dying young, your family will appreciate it

mentally prepare SELF Tell yourself that you want to eat healthy and exercise. If you see some food that you know you should not eat, but will just tell yourself that you can get it later, but you do not want it right now.

Eliminate fast food from your diet. Before you go out somewhere ensure that the stomach is full with healthy foods that you’ve made at home, such as vegetables, salmon and whole grains. Take plenty of snacks with you as healthy as fruit, nuts and seeds.
Prepare yourself for success by filling you up with healthy foods that will help you lose weight and then you will not have room for bad food

USE YOUR MANTRA -. . Create a mantra for yourself and use it. You may want to say “I know I can, I know I can” or “I went on sunshine” or “Continue keepin ‘on.” Just think of a mantra, and continue to use it when you need it to remind yourself of what is important.

When you exercise three to five days per week, and you will not give up just keep telling you that your mantra and keep on going. Get into a regular pattern of exercise every day. If you exercise every day, you keep your mind focused and you never forget to exercise. Exercising every day will build muscles and help you burn more fat and lose more weight.
Keep mantra up on the refrigerator or somewhere else that you can see it every day.

. 3
DO NOT GIVE UP Get right back on the wagon if you fall off by missing your workout or eat crappy food. Do not beat yourself up for days or weeks. Do not linger over it. Just get right back to training and spit out the food that can kill you.

Keep your mind focused on what’s important, your health, your life, your family. Hold on, hold on!
If you need more information about losing weight, see the Resources section below. Knowing how to lose weight think smart will help you get into that bikini faster.

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