Diet For Unclogging Arteries

Diet For Unclogging Arteries

By | January 6, 2017

The unhealthy American diet is the main reason so many people with clogged arteries. In the past, showed the only solution to be surgery and drugs, either alone or together. However, dramatic results from a stringent change in lifestyle and diet proves to be the safest option for unclogging arteries

vegetarian diet
A diet consisting mostly of fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy products and egg whites can help reverse blocking arteries. Add moderate exercise and stress-relieving meditation, and the effects are as good or better than with surgery or medication.

Vegetarian meals can be easy to prepare. A typical breakfast may include melons, toasted whole grain bread and a tofu or nut spread. Lunch can be beans, salad, mixed fruit and whole-grain bread or cornbread. A dinner may consist of a vegetarian combination with beans and a fruit or vegetable salad.

The right kind of fat
Not all fats are bad. Fish oil is more heart-healthy than beef lard. Our bodies need some fat, then add omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and other monounsaturated fats in your diet for a healthier heart.

Avoid hydrogenated oils. They are the main cause of heart disease and neurological problems in the world. This is unnatural, processed oils that are added to foods to increase shelf life and make the food taste good. Most store-bought baked or fried foods has hydrogenated oil.

Good Snack Foods
Choose baked chips, Wasa crisp bread that is baked and cookies indicating that they are made without hydrogenated oils.

Snack Foods to Avoid
Most items on the snack food aisle contain hydrogenated oil. These include popular cookies, crackers and processed snack treats like potato chips and nacho chips.

Good and Bad cooking oils
Choose olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, corn or soybean oils oils for healthier cooking. Avoid other vegetable oils because they are either hardened or partially hydrogenated. Read the labels. If the word “hydrogenated” is there, put it back and move on. Also beware of butter, solid shortening, lard or hard stick margarine.

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