How To Reduce Leptin

How To Reduce Leptin

By | January 6, 2017

Leptin (from the Greek word “Leptos,” or “thin”) is a hormone that regulates metabolism and body weight in mammals. The protein-based substance alters a particular gene in a DNA programs concentrations of fat. A high leptin levels have been linked to obesity in laboratory mice. Reduction of leptin concentrations are believed to reduce body weight in morbidly obese. Leptin sends signals to the brain that influence appetite and desire to eat. By lowering leptin levels, nutritionists believe that the intensity of the messages are delivered to the brain is reduced, curbing the desire to consume. . Because leptin is produced by fat cells, which trigger hunger response, cutting down on fatty foods and redesign your diet can help cut your leptin production

Limit meals to three modest servings per day, and avoid eating after dinner.

Avoid sugary and carb-rich snacks. Choose fruits and vegetables instead.

Eat protein for breakfast, including egg whites, meat and whole grains.

Cut carbs. Easy back on consumption of bread and starches, such as potatoes and rice.

Follow the advice of nutritionists at BodyandFitness. com by consuming 2000 to 3000 mg of calcium daily. Calcium cancels a brain signal known as agouti, that tracks hunger. To be effective, you need calcium supplements being part of a calorie-reduction plan.

Take vitamin D to inhibit leptin production. As an added benefit, it helps vitamin D also body absorb calcium.

Take Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) supplements. ALC is an amino acid that helps the brain to understand how much leptin fat cells that generate. When consumed at night, ALC also shown to produce growth hormone, raise moods and improve critical thinking skills. The typical recommended dose is 500 mg of ALC twice daily, morning and before bedtime.

Tips and Warnings

Talk to a doctor before following any weight loss program.

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