How To Start The Best Life Diet In Summer

How To Start The Best Life Diet In Summer

By | January 7, 2017

Summer is the best time to start eating well, because fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant. Pick up a copy of Bob Greene’s “The Best Life Diet” and begin to lose weight and eat healthy today

You need:!.
“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene’s book

Healthy food.



Go to your local bookstore or online, to buy the book “The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene. Start reading the introduction and Phase One. The diet consists of three phases. Phase One lasts four weeks or until you are ready to move to stage 2

Register online at www. thebestlife. com for support and help in sticking to the plan. The website will help you keep track of what you eat at each meal. It also provides daily meal plans, food log and journal.

Out the weekly grocery list from the website and go buy healthy food from the grocery store. It will be easier to stick to your plan if you have healthy foods at home.

Be active by wearing a pedometer, or start a walking program. The first phase of this diet is about getting yourself on a routine to eat and get more active. The website provides information on how to get in shape and tips to be more active. Your aim is to promote fitness.

During Phase One, make sure to eat three meals and a snack or two. Try to take a breakfast from the site or from the book. Abstain from drinking alcohol or smoking. Be sure to drink six eight-ounce glasses of water each day and take a multi vitamin. One of the most important steps is to cut out eating two hours before bedtime.
Perform these steps for Phase One and you will succeed and move on to phase 2

Tips and Warnings

Drinking enough water is important.
Cut off food at least 2 hours before going to bed.
Stay active, and move as much as possible.

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