How To Lose Weight On A Budget

How To Lose Weight On A Budget

By | January 9, 2017

This article is for those who want to lose weight but do not have much money. My husband and I have been losing weight since Dec. 27 (dieting and exercise) and we were like most people we do not have much money after Christmas. Yes, we are in the category of setting a new year resolution like so many others, but found ourselves very limited. Here are some things that we do to make it work without much money. My husband has lost 20 pounds and I have lost pounds and inches as well.

You need:

. Grocery flyers.

Broomstick or Ball.
Bathroom scale.

Create a plan that you can stick with. Everything starts with a plan. Failing to plan is Planning to Fail. Make a plan for losing weight. What to eat. Do you go to restaurants or eat in? How would you train? What day and time will work out? Where would you go? If you want to exercise at home? These are questions that need to be addressed to be successful.

Look around your neighborhood for churches that offers a free gym setting. Most often, you do not need to be a member to use the facility. Church uses this opportunity as an outreach program. They usually do not advertise so you have to call them. This is a way to save money.

If you can not find a gym using a ball or broomstick. I have found that exercising at home with these items that you find in the house or bought at a very low price can really help you with your workout. Be creative in your movements. Dancing to music on a radio if you do not have a video.

Eating right is easy and it can be very cheap. Most moving towards products that are readily prepared like what you find in the frozen section. You do lose weight without buying these dinners. If you buy some frozen dinners to buy them when they are on sale. Measure food. You do not need a scale. There are simple tips. Meat should be the size of a deck. Eat lots of salads. Cut dressing or use vinaigrette. Clip coupons for foods. Look for fruit and vegetable sales.

Journal what you eat and what you weigh. We weigh in weekly, and I write it down.

Tips and Warnings

Try to give up something. (Select them slowly and see results) My husband now is to cut out bread and bread products, and it’s really coming off.
Walking is exercise. Add more steps each day.
Do not get discouraged when the weight does not come off as fast as you want. I had a week with no weight loss.

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