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Thawed Meat Facts

There is nothing particularly scary about the process of meat preparation, but meat gaseous bears uncooked stage special mention. Read on for information on proper thawing, storage and handling of raw meat, as well as potential dangers of mishandling it WarningMeat is at its most potentially damaging stage when it is between frozen and cooked.… Read More »

Nutrition Information About Stromboli

Stromboli is a popular dish that is found in many Italian restaurants. Those who enjoy this right often fail to understand the specific nutritional intake. There are both positive and negative features to consider when looking at Stromboli nutrition displayEach restaurant has a different recipe and portion size for their Stromboli. This changes drastically the… Read More »

Diet Foods For Gallbladder

When the liver produces bile, it is stored in the gallbladder where it concentrates and is sent to the small intestine to help with digestion. When excess cholesterol separates from the bile, gallstones form. This can lead to gallbladder disease or complete removal of the gallbladder. Living with gallbladder disease, or without gallbladder, means you… Read More »

Low-protein Diet Ideas

Most low-protein diets proposes boosting the consumption of whole grains, fruits and healthy fats. Although Atkins and South Beach diets encourage dieters to eat a high-protein diet, some people prefer a vegetarian or low-protein diet. A low-protein diet is often recommended for people with kidney or liver disease. Low-protein diets reduce strain on the liver,… Read More »