How To Maintain Weight On The Zone Diet

How To Maintain Weight On The Zone Diet

By | January 10, 2017

The Zone diet was developed by Barry Sears. The Zone Diet is a diet that is based on research that suggests that people retain fat when blood sugar is elevated. It is reported that some celebrities, including Demi Moore, have lost weight on the Zone Diet. Maintaining weight using the Zone Diet when you reach your target weight can be difficult

Continue to follow the Zone Diet rules when you reach your target weight. Some deviation of the diet is possible if you just try to maintain your weight rather than trying to lose more weight.

Presenter carbohydrates into your diet slowly. The Zone Diet is a low carb diet. This type of diet is considered to be a poor dietary choice for long periods unless you are supervised by a doctor. Adding a daily serving of carbs per week is the recommended way to reintroduce carbs into your diet.

Make healthy choices when eating out. Learning to incorporate food from restaurants can be difficult. Consult a dietician if you need help to learn what foods are the best choices for eating out.

Be active by following an exercise program. You can do light exercise, cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, strength training or a combination of all these types. Remember that if you are strength training, you may notice that the weight increases a little while your measurements shrink. This is normal. Muscle weight is heavier than fat weight.

Stay hydrated. When you try to maintain your weight, you should drink eight to ten glasses a non carbonated, caffeine free liquids per day. Fruit juice, clear broth and water are good choices.

Monitor weight and dimensions. Weigh yourself once a week and take measurements once a month. Do these often can be discouraging because it is normal weight to swing. It is best to weigh yourself at the same time each week, preferably in the morning.

Reward yourself for keeping the weight or inches of. Every time you weigh yourself, indulge in a favorite food or special activity if you are within two pounds of your goal weight. This will help keep you motivated.

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