Low-protein Diet Ideas

Low-protein Diet Ideas

By | January 10, 2017

Most low-protein diets proposes boosting the consumption of whole grains, fruits and healthy fats. Although Atkins and South Beach diets encourage dieters to eat a high-protein diet, some people prefer a vegetarian or low-protein diet. A low-protein diet is often recommended for people with kidney or liver disease. Low-protein diets reduce strain on the liver, which burns protein. This diet consists of 4 to 8 percent protein a day.

High carb soups
When you are on a low-protein diet, eat soups made with a vegetarian base, pieces of cut vegetables along with rice or pasta. Taste the soup with herbs and spices. Avoid adding chicken or meat and beans that are higher in protein.

Salads and juicing
Eat salads made of any kind of salad and raw vegetables. Avoid nuts, seeds, chicken, hard boiled eggs and cheese. Instead, try sprouts, shredded carrots, radishes and shredded zucchini to add flavor and color to your salad. Juicing is also extremely healthy and perfect for a low-protein diet. Juice carrots, spinach, celery and herbs. Lemon and green apples can enhance the flavor of a vegetable juice by adding a citrus bite to taste.

Sandwiches, Bread
Use Portobello mushrooms or grilled eggplant as the main filler in sandwich. Be creative when grilling sandwich making a Panini. Fill with sandwich with cucumber slices, lettuce, peppers, or fruits such as pears. “Bread For Life Diet” claims eating bread could lead to higher serotonin levels, which may lead to a greater sense of well-being in the body. The diet recommends up to 12 slices a day of white bread for women.

Main courses, sides
“The Lovers Carb Diet,” encourages people to eat carbohydrates that contain resistant starch, which is the starch that does not get fully digested in the small intestine. As fiber, resistant starch can help people eat fewer calories. Examples of resistant starch is slightly green bananas, yams and brown rice. Make fried brown rice, grilled vegetables and low-protein pasta for main meals. Add fat to the main dishes, but use monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sauerkraut and cauliflower all contain only small amounts of protein and make healthy side dishes.

You do not have to skip dessert on a low-protein diet. Fruits contain antioxidants and fiber, and make a healthy dessert. High carbohydrate meals raise serotonin, which also results in you feeling full. Enjoy frozen fruit treats or fruit salad made with papaya that have very little protein.

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