Fight Fatigue

Fight Fatigue

By | January 11, 2017

the term “battle fatigue ‘is used to refer to an acute stress reaction that often appear in soldiers who have been in intense combat. Generally, the more intense fighting, the more likely a stress reaction be. This stress reaction is temporary and should not be confused with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a psychological condition that often manifests itself in people who have experienced trauma, including soldiers, among many others.

battle fatigue interferes with a soldier’s ability to perform, and can also contribute to breakdown of unit cohesion. soldiers need to get treatment for these reasons in addition to the more basic needs to allow the soldier to recover psychologically from combat stress. Treatment varies depending on the military and the conflict, but usually involve moving a soldier behind the lines to rest and get advice of a counselor can certify soldier fit for service or recommend a more extended period of recovery and treatment. counselors are careful to protect their charges to avoid situations in which people who are not able to return to the service being mistakenly released back into their devices.
combat stress reaction, the concept of which the military prefers to use is a serious issue and many military has dedicated scientists to study the phenomenon further. The researchers also examined various approaches to treatment to identify approaches that are effective for both soldiers and their units. experiencing battle fatigue does not necessarily mean that a soldier will go on to develop PTSD.

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