Tonalin Effects

Tonalin Effects

By | January 11, 2017

Tonalin is the brand name of Cognis Group supplements containing high quality conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is commonly found in beef and dairy products and is one of the few real Omega-6 fatty acids. Apparently, CLA can play a role in preventing some cancers, helps control weight and maintain cholesterol levels. As research continues, the question remains: what are the effects of Tonalin

Tonalin is a leading brand among CLA supplementation. CLA comes from safflower oil and acts by slowing lipase (enzyme that burns fat). When the body breaks down fat, it is saved as there. By inhibiting the process, can supplement effectively reduce the amount of fat you store (and deposits) in the body (since your body will actually break down less). Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, claims Tonalin to reduce body fat, maintain lean muscle helps your body more efficient calorie burning and maintain a slimmer look.

CLA was first discovered by Dr. Michael Pariza in 1978. Later, more than 600 studies have been conducted to help the scientific community gain an understanding of its effect. These studies have yielded results suggesting that CLA effectively increases our body’s ability to break down fat stored in fat cells, increase metabolism, reduce the number of fat cells in your body and reduce the amount of fat stored after you eat.

How it works
Tonalin works in four ways to beneficially affect the body. In adipocytes (fat cells), helps Tonalin CLA is to reduce both the size and number of your fat cells, reducing the amount of fat that you carry. CLA helps the body stores less fat, directly affects triglyceride (which is fat) levels. CLA reduces the total number of fat cells in your body by increasing the rate of apoptosis (the process by which the body destroys fat cells). Finally, increasing CLA activity of CPT (carnitine palmitoyltransferase-an enzyme that transports fatty acids to be converted into energy), helping your body burn fat faster.

effect on cancer
According Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, CLA is also classified as a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce the risk and prevent the growth of certain cancer cells. Research is ongoing, but seems to suggest that CLA may potentially play a role in cancer treatment and prevention. Published in World Journal of Gastroenterology in 2003, a study conducted by Liu RH, Yang YM, Gao YH, Chen BQ Liu JR and Xue YB supports find that CLA could prohibit the growth of specific carcinomas.

The daily recommendation of CLA intake is 3.4 grams. Beef and dairy products used to be a primary source of the fatty acid, but our diets (and cows’ diets also) changed, reducing the amounts that we consume through food intake. Before taking this (or supplement) you should discuss this with your doctor. Some serious side effects have been reported from CLA (not directly from Tonalin) and could include high blood sugar, low HDL (good) cholesterol levels and allergic reactions. While side effects are not common, should any side effects that may occur immediately reported to your doctor.

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