Herbs Alert Mind And Memory

Herbs Alert Mind And Memory

By | January 12, 2017

Herbs have always been appreciated for not only their importance in the kitchen, but also for its healing properties. There are many herbs thought to help human health may keep the mind alert and help memory. , Even if you have no health problems, it is wise to consult a doctor before taking herbs for medicinal purposes. Do not take any herb without prior knowledge of its effects.

Popular and traditional Herbs
A number of very popular and traditional herbs can help the mind. Rosemary is a popular herb in cooking, and it is used in a medical way, too. Rosemary is thought to help cure headaches and aid concentration and memory, according to the home herb garden. com. Sage is good for brain and memory, and parsley helps blood flow to the head.

Asian and American ginseng
Ginseng is another herb with a good reputation to help all kinds of human ailments. There are two types of ginseng commonly used for medicinal purposes: Asian and American. Asian ginseng is well known for its medicinal properties for treating a variety of health problems including better concentration. American ginseng has been promoted as helping slow Alzheimer’s disease, but this has yet to be proven unambiguously. Both types of ginseng can cause side effects, especially Asian ginseng, which can cause stomach problems and headaches.

Asian Herbs
Gingko biloba not just assists memory, but also helps circulation, according to herbal supplements guide. com. Taking gingko biloba may produce side effects such as dizziness and vomiting. Bacopa monnieri and schisandra is beneficial to the brain by helping memory and Bacopa monnieri also helps concentration. Gotu Kola helps performance of the brain via its powerful circulatory properties.

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