How To Avoid A 1200 Calorie Malt Or Sundae

How To Avoid A 1200 Calorie Malt Or Sundae

By | January 12, 2017

NEED a fast food fix, but not the calories? This might help. Comfort food is more about texture and appearance than actual flavor. No, this tastes like a hot chocolate sundae, but it is reassuring, it requires no cooking and it’s fun and festive to eat.

-Throw cup / spoon goes along with the rapid! food design-have your treats and throw and be done with it
You need:.

Sugar Free Pudding
Cool Whip.

Clear 10 0z.

plastic spoon.


Open a tub of sugar pudding. Place in disposable, clear cup. (10 oz is a good size for the cup you want the cup to be full, but you do not want it to keep lots of calories).

Top with Cool Whip Lite or Free.

Open the second tub of sugar pudding. Place on top of Cool Whip. Ahhh, it’s almost an parfait. Pretty soon there will be a parfait.

Top with more Cool Whip. Now it is a parfait. What about it?

Tips and Warnings

Now, this is easier than driving through a Sonic, but it has only about 150 calories.

it looks pretty enough
It has cool whip (just like a sundae)

You can mix and match the taste of the pudding.
It has proper comfort food texture

You did not have to cook and you do not have to do dishes.
You do not have to train three hours to work off what you just ate.
If you can not stop at one, it’s not a good idea to keep the ingredients around. If you can, it can be a lifesaver, especially in the upcoming holiday.

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