How To Be Model Thin

How To Be Model Thin

By | January 12, 2017

The model lifestyle is not easy. I find it funny how many people think they can starve and cheat their way to a lean model body and somehow have Project Runway (or at least Hawt neighbor) beat down their door. Nope. Healthy weight loss takes much more dedication than any hairbrained diet plan that just counting calories and carbohydrates throughout the day. Here’s how to really lose weight and get healthy, but thin model body

You need:.

. Recipes.
Gym membership.



eat right. I appreciate Tyra Banks for putting models of all shapes on America’s Next Top Model. She also promotes eating well for healthy weight loss. You know the deal already. Raw vegetables, no McDonald’s (trans fats BAD), no Coke (no, not neither one, LOL), lots of water. What you probably did not know is that you need fat and protein you need. The difference is how you get them. Get protein from chicken and nuts. Get good fats from fish. And with vegetables-I know they suck, you just need good recipes. Frogs on a Log-celery stick, spread some peanut butter in the crack, top with raisins. AWESOME. The Bugs Bunny carrot sticks in pita bread and some honey. YUM CITY. Rachel Ray has nothing on me. Also- get a Magic Bullet. There is a smoothie maker, and you can mix vegetables with fruit to make these great homemade smoothies just like Jamba Juice waaaaay less money. Also-eat healthy foods often (3 times a day) to keep your metabolism high. Got all that? Model lean body comes up!

EXERCISE. Like, duh. Get a Bowflex, or what you should really do is join Gold’s Gym or something. Why? Just having people around makes you do better, scientifically proven. Do high reps with low weight. What happens is that you build muscle mass without bulking up, and get the physique of a model rather than a bodybuilder. Also, you will form Adriana Lima. Men think model lean WITH shape is sexy. AND! Muscles burn calories. Then 5 pound weights for arms, the 10 pounds on my legs, and lots of cardio. A LOT. Burn, burn, burn. The trick is to keep track of paper. When things are on paper, you will find that you get thin faster because you do not guess anymore.

SEEN GOALS. That leads me right into my next step, having a set goal. Healthy weight loss is about 3 pounds a week. Then multiply that by the number of weeks, do not cheat and you’ll get to model lean weight without bulking back because you can not just use any Atkins diet or making it. If you want to get into some Victoria’s Secret in two months, so that’s the goal. Funny thing is, that the iPhone has an app for this. You can do it in Microsoft Outlook. Everything. There are many ways to monitor itself does not have your model targets registered.
NO prizes. It is scientific fact that doing hard work makes self-control part of our brain to sleep and that part of our brain that says we “deserve” things turn on. Warning if you do this and give in to the craving for half of chocolate cake, you will not make it to model lean weight. The model lifestyle is a lifestyle. You must stay healthy for life or it will not work. You should work in desserts that you make a work plan. Better yet, get so far ahead of your plan that you do not need to worry about it. You are in that two piece bikini on the beach in no time. Love ya!

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