How To Convert Calories To Kilojoules

How To Convert Calories To Kilojoules

By | January 12, 2017

Keep to your diet while traveling abroad can be very difficult. You want to try all the delicious and interesting food you encounter and planning meals is not the same as when you are at home. To make it even more difficult, the international food labeling is not the same in all countries. Calories and kilojoules are both measurements of energy, but many countries’ food packages list one and not the other. To convert calories to kilojoules and plan for diet

You need:

Remember that a calorie in the US system is actually a kilocalorie (kcal). Some international food labels list kilocalories rather than calories, so do not let this confuse you

Keep this conversion in mind :. . 1 kilocalorie (kcal) corresponds to 4.182 kilojoules (kJ). It may be easier to round 4. 182 down to 4 if you can not bring a calculator with you to the supermarket.

Multiply the number of calories by 4 182 to learn the number of kilojoules. For example, a half-cup serving of white rice 160 calories and 669.12 kilojoules.

Tips and Warnings

Many international food labels list the calories and kilojoules, so read labels carefully before bothered with some calculations.

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