How To Lose Weight Safely and Quickly

How To Lose Weight Safely and Quickly

By | January 12, 2017

People can fast for various reasons, and methods for successfully losing weight may vary for different people, but firm has worked for many people in relation to lose weight and / or improve overall health. Fasting can range from simply excluding a few foods from your regular diet until eat and drink nothing but water for a specific time period. This article discusses fasting use juice and / or water

You need:.
Plenty of water, juice, etc.

One of the most important aspects of fasting takes place even before you start quickly. For at least a week before you start fasting, avoid eating fast food, drinking alcohol or eating anything other generally unhealthy. This is important because your body will be basically living out of nutrients from these foods while you fast.

Buy lots of water and juice before Lent. One suggestion is to buy fresh fruit beforehand and juice them as you go so you have fresh, pure fruit juice when you need it. It is preferable that you buy everything you need in advance, so you do not need to go to the store a day or two in your fast when you are extremely hungry. That way you eliminate the temptation to prematurely break your fast because you’re surrounded by food.

Drink plenty of water. (7 + cups a day is recommended.) After the first hours go by hunger will disappear and come back in waves. Fight hunger by drinking a full glass of water and / or with respect even in some activity.

Beverages various juices for nourishment. Carefully selecting juice containing no sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Natural, pure fruit juice are best as other juices high in sugar will most likely make you more hungry.

break the fast gradually. The method you use to break the fast will vary based on how long you have been fasting. If you have fasted for three days, on the first day you start eating again starts with light soups and possibly by the end of the day a little heavier ones, oatmeal, etc.


Binge eating light and healthy. A good fast is beneficial effects can rapidly be reversed based on your eating habits afterwards. Hold on fast foods, alcohol, etc. for at least a couple of weeks and there, eating and drinking in moderation. You’ll find that fixed something regularly will help you develop better self-control, that you do not succumb to eat food anymore on a whim or fancy.

Tips and Warnings

Based on personal experience, shorter, faster faster is better for health than extended week- plus-long fasts, although I personally know some people who would rather fast for twenty plus days at a time twice a year. Also for me the first two days are the worst as far as hunger goes but after that I do not really feel at all except maybe once or twice a day. In fact, once after four days of fasting I even cooked a huge, delicious dinner for my family and do not eat a thing. I continued to fast for a few days afterwards.

As with any kind of diet, it is highly recommended that you first consult a doctor or other health professional before beginning the fast.
If you can not do it, you can not do it. Although it takes determination to succeed quickly, do not push it.

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