Most Common Causes Of Discharge From The Eye

Most Common Causes Of Discharge From The Eye

By | January 12, 2017

discharge from the eye can have several causes, and is regarded as a natural reaction to a variety of eye irritants. Many people wake up to find yellowish scabs in and around the eyes. this crust develops from the mucus that leaks out of the eye during sleep. this is considered a very common type of discharge from the eye and is usually caused by exposure to an environmental source such as makeup or skin oil that has tried to invade the eye. times discharge from the eye can be caused by eye infections or colds.

Many times, especially in women, makeup or other skin care products treatments may be the cause of discharge from the eye. This can happen because the user may be allergic to makeup, and in these cases, the spill will typically happen at any time of day. if the discharge is primarily at night, it may be because the makeup was not thoroughly removed, and some of it could get into the eye. When this happens, the natural reaction of the eye is to try and get rid of the foreign body. thus producing eye fluid and mucus in an attempt to wash it away.
one of the most common causes of discharge from the eye is an eye infection known as pink eye. pink eye is a type conjunctivitis believed to be caused by a viral infection and are generally considered highly contagious. if often spreads through schools so quickly that children with pink eye is ordered to stay home until the condition passes. Symptoms of pink eye include pink or red eyes and heavy drainage from the eye. In addition, many people with pink eye also have symptoms that are commonly associated with colds, such as sneezing, nasal congestion and cough.

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