How To Breathe Through A Stretch

How To Breathe Through A Stretch

By | January 13, 2017

We stretch for agility, relaxation, and for extension and prevent injuries. Although the opposite may possibly occur if the stretch is made mistakes. Yes it is only a stretch, but without proper focus and technique you can really hurt yourself. hear I’ve done since four years starting in gymnastics, so I have some years of experience on this topic, below I will teach you how to breathe into your stretch maximize the benefits of the stretch and stay focused.

you need:

pen or pencil.


Start by standing or sitting in the position you want to stretch in. Breathe through your nose. If you are bent like the picture on the left when you go to bend breathing breath out slowly and mean it.

Do not hold your breath at this point, while in this position, taking slow breaths through the nose and out the mouth. Focus on breathing not so much stretching, there will be a draw sensation that is fine its muscles stretching, and there may be some resistance, as well as also is fine, this is why it is important that you breathe in it. Find a place in your mind where you can let go.

Get up from the stretch, or undue your stretch slowly aiming to maintain balanced breath structure and attitude. Once you have stretched the one hand you have to stretch the other, this is also the case if one medial stretch if you stretch forward should stretch back. If you fail to do what it can lead to trouble, will you balance when stretching.
Four. must

not of this if you need to take a break in between stretching that is all right that if your new to it, it is highly recommended. And if you practice breathing through stretches you will be able to keep extending further. I always ask people me “It does not do bad, how can you do that ?!” I answer “yes, it could hurt, but I breathe through it.”

By stretching every day, or even many times a day here and there you open up your body for improved circulation, flexibility, balance, and less tension. You will after time could stretch deeper, just do not give up. A little bit every day will draw you into a deeper more meaningful stretch.

Tips and Warnings

You can warm up a bit before stretching this will help warm up and move the blood and makes you more agile. Try the link below to my article
If you feel a burning sensation you’d better stop

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