Pilonidal Cyst

Pilonidal Cyst

By | January 13, 2017

one pilonidal cyst is an abscess that forms on the skin over the coccyx. the exact causes are uncertain, but doctors and medical researchers believe that occur most pilonidal cysts when hair follicles become stuck in the sensitive area of ??the skin caused by friction or constant pressure. some cysts remain small and smooth, although they may potentially cause considerable discomfort, swelling, redness, irritation, bleeding, and liquid discharge. one pilonidal cyst affect anyone, but is most commonly found in men between 15 and 25. Doctors usually treat cysts by puncturing them with needles to drain pus, prescribing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, or conduct surgery to remove hair follicles and infected tissue.

most cysts result in a number telling character symptoms. the actual, kitty -Stuffed cyst can usually be seen with swelling and redness around the area. one developed pilonidal cyst may ooze pus and blood when the skin is broken by contact with clothes, a chair or a bed. Cysts can often itch, uncomfortable or even painful to the point where you can go and sit be difficult. a person who experiences an pilonidal cyst should contact their primary care physician who can find the best option for treatment.
A doctor can relieve the patient’s symptoms of swelling, redness and irritation by prescribing oral or topical antibiotics and physically draining cysts. doctor usually cleans the area with soap and water, removing all visible skin debris and hair, numbs the skin, makes a small puncture in the abscess, and squeeze out liquid and excess blood. This procedure is usually enough to stop cyst development and promote a full recovery within one to two weeks. a very large, stubborn, or painful abscess may require a surgical procedure that involves cutting the pilonidal cyst, completely clean it out, and dress it with gauze and antibiotics. patients are usually asked to keep the area as clean as possible and free of body hair to prevent recurrent cysts.

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