Best Ways For Men To Lose Belly Fat

Best Ways For Men To Lose Belly Fat

By | January 14, 2017

With cheap, convenient food everywhere, most of us do not worry about going hungry, but these foods are so high in calories and saturated fat as other concerns come to the fore. For men, the belly fat being stubborn, but with a commitment to exercise and eat healthy, you can soon say goodbye to bulge and hello to your feet

Reduce Calories
If you are carrying extra fat anywhere on your body, it’s because you’ve been consuming more calories than your body can use. The extra calories are stored away as fat, the intention is that it will be returned to power in a particularly active day when you burn more calories than you have consumed. Notice how many calories you eat in a few days. You may be shocked at the numbers, but writing it down will help keep you accountable. An average person can do well consume 2,000 calories per day, but this will vary depending on your metabolism and activity level. If you are far over 2000, start downsizing.

eating the right foods
It’s not enough to just eat fewer calories, you need to eat the right calories. If you pair monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) with whole grains, you can double the amount of belly fat you lose versus after another plan. MUFAs are abundant in avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate, among other foods, and whole grains found in many cereals, bread, quinoa, rice and biscuits.

Exercise is important because it will burn calories and tap into those fat stores to find more energy. Cardiovascular exercise, like running, burns calories and can help to tone muscles, but it is also important to build muscle. Weight or resistance training will build muscle and the more you have the more calories you will burn to fuel the muscles every day-even just sitting on the couch. Of course it’s a good idea to do exercises that target your midsection, so that when you succeed in losing belly fat you want toned muscles to reveal. Remember though, sit-ups alone will not really help to lose fat in one area.

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