Diets Celebrities Use To Lose Weight Quickly

Diets Celebrities Use To Lose Weight Quickly

By | January 14, 2017

With everyone in such a rush to shed pounds, many people turn to celebrities for the way they lose weight for a movie role or other work-related causes. While these fad diets are not ideal for long-term weight loss and is considered to be unhealthy by health experts, there are some methods that celebrities use to drop quick pounds that even the average person might find useful

You need:.
Fold up carrier with wheels (optional) and / or “green” bags.


Master Cleanse / The Lemonade Diet
Singer Beyonce Knowles and Robin quivers of Howard Stern Radio fame have both gone public about their use of this diet method to shed pounds quickly. This diet consists of a daily regiment of drinking a mixture that supposedly makes you lose your cravings for junk food, feel more energetic and detox your body and lose weight. The regiment may last as long as you choose, but it is not recommended for more than 14 days.

The drink is made of pure filtered water, organic lemons, organic cayenne pepper, grade B organic maple syrup, sea or Epsom salt and laxative tea as an alternative. The idea is to drink this several times a day instead of eating food to rid your body of harmful toxins. The optional laxative tea to help cleanse your system by excreting toxins in your waste.

When allotted time for detox diet has expired, you slowly evolve to eat solid food. The first day of detox, drinking orange juice. On day two, you drink orange juice and vegetable soup. On day three, you can eat all the vegetables, fruit and salad. Normal eating is permitted on day four

The down side to this diet is quite obvious :. Extreme hunger. Most people are accustomed to eating more meals a day, and complain of feeling faint and dizzy after being on the master cleanse diet for even one day. There are also complaints of loose stools and frequent bowel movements because of the addition of laxative tea and salt water.

Cabbage Soup Diet
The cabbage soup diet is a seven-day crash diet as severe restrictions on diet intake to two daily bowls of fat-free cabbage soup and fruit, vegetables and meat on alternate days of this week. There are varying recipes for cabbage soup, but mostly contains diced cabbage, vegetables, salt, pepper and natural spices you like.

Although this plan does not encourage eating fruits and vegetables, it has no other real benefits and are only effective because of severe low calorie diet. It is only recommended to do this diet one week at a time, if at all.

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