How To Get More Vitamin K

How To Get More Vitamin K

By | January 14, 2017

Vitamin K, the vitamin that helps blood coagulation. The US Dietary Reference Intakes say that an average male should intake of 120 micrograms a day and 90 micrograms for women.

Some people may have a deficiency of vitamin K, which can occur in a disturbed intestinal uptake. Always make sure to check with your doctor
You need:. .

Swiss chard.


Add more spinach to your diet, they can be eaten raw, sauteed with some olives and garlic or boiled. Great as a side dish or in a quiche.

Eat some Swiss chard (which is from the same family as beets), and add it to your salad.


Eat more avocados, which is great by itself or as guacamole sauce. Also another great item to add to salad or mix with other fruit

Pick kiwi which fruit to eat. Kiwi is also great in salads or alone
When cooking oils like soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed and olive oil are a good source of vitamins mink, so choose them instead of a peanut or corn oil

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