How To Have A Healthy Digestion

How To Have A Healthy Digestion

By | January 14, 2017

Americans-we are fast-paced and movers and shakers. We want everything quickly and easily. This may be why one antacid is one of the nation’s best-selling OTC! ! Here’s the skinny on keeping your digestion healthy to improve overall health and (believe it or not) your beauty

The improvement can be seen in the following;
bad breath!? (Yes, it’s true-your bad breath, probably cause of digestive problems)

acid Reflux



Yeast overgrowth

for food

mood swings

You need:
Enzyme rich foods like bananas, mangoes, avocados, plantain, papaya and so on.

Fermented foods, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc.

. .


Eliminate refined flour, refined sugar and un (pre) soaked beans.
Overeating these foods, antibiotics and laxatives for many years can put a heavy load on your digestion

Eat nutritious dense foods such as;

Whole grains (fermented or sour leavened-that is, natural sourdough bread). .
Free range meat (more of the good fats-omega 3)

Organic fruit and vegetables

Slow it down, you’re not trying to win a race! Relax and chew food.
Proper digestion (beyond nutritious food) is slowing down to eat it and chew it well, this stomach to catch up and produce the digestive “juice” to digest properly.

smaller portions (yes, I know this is difficult with all the super sizing). Eating large amounts of food puts digestion through a lot of stress and it is not able to complete their task well or hardly at all. Basically all that food you ate (even it’s healthy) will not be absorbed and utilized very well and neither will the nutrients from it.

Cut back on the big soda! Keep drinking the food down to about 1/2 cup (4-6 oz). Do not wash it down with plenty of tea, water, milk, etc.! All this excessive fluid dilutes your digestive juices! So, drink a small amount of the meal, and then wait about 20-30 minutes to soak down the large glass

Enzyme rich foods :. . They are a beautiful life food!

(Note: See above for a list.)

Probiotics :. ! The healthy bacteria
It’s good to fill your stomach with these friendly little guys.

Probiotics not only helps digestion, but naturally helps the body fight disease.

Tips and Warnings

Yogurt is a friendly probiotic product, unfortunately it has a limited amount of probiotics and if lactose intolerant is not a good option. Try kombucha tea or take a good probiotic supplement — there are some who are lactose.

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