Oatmeal And Water Diet

Oatmeal And Water Diet

By | January 14, 2017

If you are trying to lose weight, oatmeal one of the best foods you can eat. Very low fat and high fiber, oatmeal is also low in sodium and cholesterol. To lose weight eating oatmeal and drinking lots of water, follow these steps

Start your day with Oatmeal
For the first seven days, eat half a cup of oatmeal every day in the morning and at lunch. You can get creative with it by adding raisins or fresh fruit like blueberries or cranberries to oatmeal yours. For dinner, eat something high in protein like grilled chicken or fish with a side of vegetables.

Drink eight gram of water one day
With any diet or weight loss plan, it is important to drink at least eight ounces. of water a day. It prevents dehydration, helps skin look and feel better, and cleanses the body of toxins. With oatmeal diet, it is important to drink at least eight ounces. of water a day. If you have trouble drinking as much water a day, try to carry it around with you, so it is always useful, or add a few slices of lemon or lime to make it more palatable.

Work Out
Like any diet, you’ll want to work out three to four times a week for at least 20 minutes to get optimal results. Have some light cardio such as walking or running, stretch your muscles with some light yoga and do some strength training on abdominal, leg and arm muscles

for best results
For best results, it is important not to eat. oatmeal every day for the first seven days. It is known as a fad diet, and fad diets do not work. Slowly bring back regular, healthy meals in your diet after the first seven days.

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