Exercising And Getting In Shape Fun

Exercising And Getting In Shape Fun

By | January 15, 2017

We all know that exercise is important for our health. Why then, do they hate most of us it? Because it seems like a chore. Work. Another thing on our to-do list. Here are some tips to make your stay in shape a little easier and more fun

PICK AN ACTIVITY. . enjoying

You are more likely to find out if you like activity. Change your mind-set of training as an “errand” to something that is fun. Maybe choose an activity that is both social and aerobics, which began a local volleyball club or the many martial arts schools that are available. Sees this as an opportunity to learn a new skill while getting in shape!

Why put yourself through the turmoil of going to a gym if you hate it? Perhaps you’d rather work out in the privacy of your own home for some exercise tapes on DVD. Or, vice-versa, maybe you need a break from the household, and need to get away from it all by jogging. Do not get caught by doing what you think you “should” do. Do what you want!

TRY multitasking

Okay, we’ve all seen people train with their iPods, listening to music, which is a good idea. What if you multi-task and listened instead to a book-on-tape or a podcast? That way coach is not just about the struggles of working out, there will be an opportunity for you to catch up on other things. Maybe you exercise while watching TV or at least, exercise during commercial breaks

Bring a friend
Nothing helps beat. . doldrums that brings a friend to keep you motivated. Be each other’s “Exercise Buddies” and you can practice a lot more fun.

Reward Yourself

Make an appointment with yourself that if you exercise regularly throughout the week, you are entitled to something as a reward. Maybe it’s a manicure. Perhaps it is to buy a little gift for yourself. Whatever it is, make sure it is something appealing!

Make it a habit
We are less likely to forget or do nothing, like brushing your teeth, when they become part of our daily routine. Starting exercise is the hardest part, but you find that you continue to do it regularly, it becomes more and more just a part of the day. And that’s a good thing!

NOT beat yourself up

Too often we set us up with big goals and as soon as we fall off the wagon, we give up. Falling is part of the process. Nobody is perfect. If you miss a workout, do not beat yourself up, just re-commit yourself!

Because we need exercise our whole life, give yourself the freedom to mix things up. This is your life! Explore! Try out different activities, work-outs, rock-climbing, surfing, rafting, roller blading, bike riding, walking the dog, jumping on a trampoline-something! Get your heart rate move and have fun!

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