How To Lose Weight If You Are Diabetic

How To Lose Weight If You Are Diabetic

By | January 15, 2017

This article gives tips on how to lose weight if you are a type 2 diabetes

You need:. .
Permission from your doctor before using these tips



Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes individuals have a hard time losing weight for a variety of reasons. Some have gained a lot of weight before they are diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Some have other medical problems. Sometimes diabetic medications cause weight gain. Some hate exercising. The tips here worked for me. I lost 98 pounds over three years and have kept it off. Be sure to consult with your doctor before trying any of these tips.

First of all, get a good physical from your doctor. Follow his advice. Find out if you have any medical problems (other than diabetes) that causes you to gain weight or fail to lose it. When I did this, I found out my thyroid was under-performance (shown at a constant low body temperature at 95 degrees, rather than formal blood test). I had to start taking thyroid medication. So, my legs were going crazy (one osteoporosis test showed this). Apparently this is due to a non-malignant tumor of the parathyroid gland mine which was leaching calcium from my bones. Which had to be removed. I started taking medication for bone health. My cholesterol was high and I got medication for that too. Solving problems like this will help you lose weight

Many diabetics drugs cause weight gain ,. . In fact, most do. Consult with your doctor about your medication. After I got 32 pounds in two years after I retired, I demanded a different medicine. I was put on an injectable medication called Byetta. I lost 16 pounds the first month, and have lost 4-8 pounds every month since, without starving myself. There are other medications that treat type 2 diabetes who do not promote weight gain, too.

Change your diet, but not drastically. If you eat too little, your metabolism will shut down and you will not lose weight. Cut out soda, ice cream, candy, cakes, pies and cookies. Eat plenty of lean meat or fish, vegetables, fruit, and moderate amounts of whole grain bread and pasta. Use sweetener Splenda if you need to sweeten a dish. It has no aftertaste, and can be used for cooking. Eating sugarless puddings, jello, and popsicles for treats. Yogurt is good, too. Always eat breakfast to start your metabolism burn early in the day.

Drink 64 grams of water per day, if your doctor approves. Water moves fat out of the body. Water is the best drink. Coffee and tea and sugar free soft drinks are OK, too, if you use Splenda as a sweetener and not sugar creamer. Make lemonade or limeade with water, lemon or lime juice, and Splenda.

Find a workout you enjoy. For me it was swimming. I swim one hour per day, at least 5 days per week. Bike riding, rollerblading, walking, gardening, running, dancing, or using a stationary bicycle or treadmill while watching TV are all good forms of exercise. Add a little extra exercise by climbing stairs and parking a block or so away from work or the store.

Do not expect to lose quickly. Sometimes I go for a month before weight loss shows on the scale. If you lose just 1 pound per week, you will lose 52 pounds in a year. And, you’ll keep it off because you changed your habits!

Tips and Warnings

Remember to consult your doctor before using any of these tips.

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