How To Pack A Healthy And Yummy Lunch At School Or Work

How To Pack A Healthy And Yummy Lunch At School Or Work

By | January 15, 2017

Are you old enough to pack your own lunch to work or school? Will the kids home from school with a half-eaten lunch, and asks for these sugar packed packed food like all the other children have? Well look no further! This articale will help you fight convenice food cravings and have envy people you lunch

You need:!
insulated lunch box

. Ice packs.

Lunch meat.


Sauces (Mayo, mustard, cheese ect.

Any other healthy foods.

Metal or plastic knife, spoon and fork.

Variety of containers. Mobile thermos.

You need an insulated lunch bag to put everything into Find one that will last, and is large enough. Good insulated lunch bags are commonly found in the camping section of Walmart, Target, and other malls.

Get adequate cooling elements. You know, the blue colored liquid in a plastic package? Or, if you use juice boxes throw one in the freezer the night before to use as an edible ice pack. .

You have to make a variety of container sizes, small sizes for dips, and fruit, and dei greater if you plan to package leftovers. If you do not plan on packing a juice box it would be a good idea to get a decent sized bottle to freeze half then add the rest of the morning before heading out.


Sandwiches are almost nessesity of a good lunch if you can not heat leftovers in the microwave. But different types of lunchmeat, sauces and cheeses mix and match the right delicious combonation. Of course, you can never go wrong with PB J. Wrap sandwich in a sandwich bag.

Pour your choice of salad dressing, such Ranch, into a small container. Then cut vegetables such as carrots and broccoli up and put them into a platic sandwich bag.

Bake cookies, muffins, and such from stratch. This cuts down presvatives is in the food. Place baked good in a platic sandwich bag.

Chips are nice to pack along with a sanwich, but crackers might go with them as well and is more filling. Choose a manufacturer of wheat cracker and pack into a plastic sandwich bag.

Themoses is useful if you pack soups and you will keep it hot. First preheat the thermos with boiling water. While thermos preheater, heat up the soup. When the soup is ready to dump the water out of the thermos and pour in the soup close the lid tightly.

Do not forget the whole fruit! Try packing a whole apple, orange or pear although you should pack canned fruit.

Canned fruit is so fine. Adviod buy serving size canned and buy bigger boxes. This is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Tips and Warnings

Freeze juice boxes in the freezer and use it instead of an ice pack.

thermoses’s nice to bring warm soups.
Adviod prepackaged foods as much as possible.

If making meatloaf, chicken, turkey or ham for dinner the night before to consider doing this on a sandwich.
Check food labels!

Compare unit prices to find the cheapest product.
Have younger kids help pack their lunch.
Let older kids pack their own lunch with some guide lines.

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