What To Feed A Dog With Kidney Disease

What To Feed A Dog With Kidney Disease

By | January 15, 2017

If your dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease, will provide the best treatment you can afford. You may already have tried medicines and natural herbs to no avail. Maybe you should consider changing your dog’s diet. Eating healthier can prolong a dog breed life. Knowing what to feed a dog with kidney disease can also go a long way towards making your pet feel more comfortable

You need:. .

Baby sling or carrier.
Strength training, yoga and / or Pilates DVD.

Hand weights (see DVD instructions for weight recommendations).
Healthy snacks.

Low-Phosphorus Diet

The Ohio State Veterinary Medical School recommends that dogs fed less than 22.25 mg (or about 10 mg per each kilogram of body weight) of phosphorus daily in the early stages of renal failure. Dairy products, fish, bones, organ meats and egg yolks are all high in phosphorus. The dog needs to eat some of these foods to stay healthy, but it should eat them in moderation. Check phosphorus amounts in some vegetables and grains you feed your dog.
High Fat Diet

Dogs are not like people when it comes to food. A diet high in fat will not cause the dog cholesterol to rise. But not immediately give the dog tonnes fatty foods. Gradually increase the amount of fat you give it. Be sure to feed your dog lots of fatty meats. Lamb, pork and fatty hamburgers are good choices. Give the turkey or chicken skin and dark meat from poultry. Feed the dog cottage cheese, milk, eggs and yogurt in moderation.
Moderate Protein Diet

When a dog has kidney disease, it tends to lose a lot of protein in their urine. According to December 1998 Journal of Nutrition, an unhealthy dog ??should take in about 1 g protein daily per each kilogram of body weight once it has kidney disease. Some acceptable protein foods would be eggs and lightly cooked or raw meat.
Low-carbohydrate diet

Although dogs do not normally need carbohydrates, to reduce phosphorus you need to feed your dog a diet that consists of at least 50 percent carbohydrates. Feed dog sweet potatoes, squash and pasta. Some fruits contain carbohydrates, but low in phosphorus are pineapple, mango, peaches, pears, cantaloupe, avocado, apples and cranberries.
Regular Sodium Diet
High blood pressure is another condition that is often found in dogs who have kidney disease. According to the Encyclopedia of Canine Clinical Nutrition, several studies have been conducted that have determined that increasing salt restriction intake will not alter blood pressure in healthy or unhealthy dogs. So despite proposals for low-sodium diets in the past for dogs with kidney failure, if the sodium level is too low it can affect kidney function.

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