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diplopia is a type of vision disorders that have a wide range of reasons. while some causes are relatively benign, can double indicate the presence of a serious health problem. persons with diplopia see two images of an object, which normally can only be seen. the two images are typically side -ved- side in a horizontal fashion, or on top of other in a vertical fashion. This visual disturbance is more commonly known as double vision.

binocular diplopia is double vision, which is seen in both eyes. Generally, this means that if a person with this misalignment looks at an object, only one eye upon the object, the other eye is directed to either the left or right of the object this causes the image. object falling at various points in the retina of each eye. brain therefore can not resolve the two images into one image, so the viewer experiences double vision.
this type of double vision develops because the two eyes are aligned differently in relation to each other. Often this is caused by a condition called strabismus, where the muscles that control each eye is able to coordinate their movements well enough to direct his eyes to the same point. strabismus may also cause other vision disorders such as reduced depth perception.

Monocular diplopia is double vision which occurs only in one eye while the other eye views images normally. This condition is much less common than binocular double vision. monocular double vision is not caused by muscle weakness or incoordination, instead it is usually caused by scarring or physical deformity of the cornea, iris or retina.
several different types of diplopia treatment can be used in an attempt to solve the problem. a common temporary treatment is to simply patching one eye so that only one image of an object can be seen. This prevents double vision because the brain does not need to try to solve two pictures. physical therapy to train the eye muscles to coordinate properly is another common treatment. more rarely, surgery may be needed to correct a severe muscular problem.
the sudden onset of double vision, particularly in adults, may indicate the presence of a serious medical condition. sudden vision changes can mean a neurological abnormality as a stroke, brain tumor or aneurysm. someone who experiences a sudden severe visual disturbances such as double vision should seek medical attention immediately.

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