How Fasting Cleanse The Colon?

How Fasting Cleanse The Colon?

By | January 16, 2017

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Fasting helps cleanse the colon using to give your muscles rest when digesting food. Digestion and absorption of solids and liquids occurs in the digestive system and sends them to the various parts of the body through the bloodstream. The solid waste goes to the colon. During fasting, as the large bowel rest, there is no new solid waste produced, allowing the intestines to be cleaned and rid of buildup or plaque around the walls.

colon Cleansing
Cleansing the colon by fasting is the most common way to perform a colon cleanse. During fasting can drink a little water or juice as an aid in the cleansing process. Herbs also contribute cleansing by helping to eliminate colon toxins. Performing enema at home can be effective in colon cleansing, but it can be a bit messy at times for inexperienced users. Using homemade colon cleanse is widely used today and can be very effective when used in conjunction with fasting.

Introducing liquids through the rectum and anus to cleanse the colon is a process called enema. Enemas is a common method used by physicians to treat certain medical conditions such as constipation and encopresis-a condition caused by constipation commonly found in children when they hold their stools. Enema makes use of an enema bag fitted with a fountain syringe having a rectal nozzle. The process involves filling enema bag with water or a cleaning solution and positioning the bag slightly higher than the patient, and inserting the rectal nozzle into the anus. By releasing the clamp from the nozzle, you will transmit fluid into the colon.

dietary Fiber
Herbal fibers can help in detoxification of the digestive system. They help supplement a regular diet while working as a cleaning agent. Fruits, vegetables and grains contain fiber. Dietary fiber add bulk to the diet to make a person feel full faster and thus help control weight. Dietary fiber to help prevent constipation and aid in colon cleansing by helping loosen stools faster, passing them out easier. The daily recommended dose of fiber for women is 21 to 25 grams and 30 to 38 grams for adult men.

One can drink water and fruit juice fasting for colon cleansing. This will prevent dehydration. Water also helps cleanse the human body. Water cleanses the intestine and make it more effective by forming new fresh blood. Haematopaises or the formation of new blood activates mucosal folds of the colon and intestines. The fresh blood is vital to cure ailments and restore health.

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