How Firm Sagging Skin After Major Weight Loss

How Firm Sagging Skin After Major Weight Loss

By | January 16, 2017

If you have experienced large weight loss, you can also do with sagging skin. Sure, you have more energy and look great in clothes, but I know that excess skin can take a huge toll on your confidence. And, after all your hard work to lose weight, it’s a shame to let anything keep you from feeling comfortable with your body.

Fortunately, there are ways to tighten up sagging skin after major weight loss without surgery.

Add started with weights. If you are not already using weights as part of your weight loss system, it’s time to start using them to firm sagging skin. By tightening up your muscles, the skin over the muscles also look firmer. Meet with a personal trainer and ask about what exercises will your business special problem areas.

dry brush your skin daily before each shower. Dry brushing is great for improving circulation and help keep the lymph system healthy. But, beyond that, it is also very useful to firm sagging skin.

Heaps skin daily after each shower with apricot kernel oil (which is great for young or sensitive skin) or Emu Oil (which can also help fight wrinkles). Take your time with this process instead of rushing through it-it has health benefits beyond help firm sagging skin (which increases blood circulation and overall skin condition).

Apply a weekly body mask to your skin, which includes Rhassoul Clay who has skin firming properties. Many spas offer this service, or you can mix your own.

Consider using Patchouli Essential Oil that can also help to firm sagging skin. You can mix some in with apricot oil, or you can use the essential oil in other ways (always make sure to dilute it first).
Continue to celebrate and take good care of your body after your successful major weight loss.

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