How To Calculate Weight Watchers Points

How To Calculate Weight Watchers Points

By | January 16, 2017

As the advert says, “Diets Do not Work. Weight Watchers Does”. And it does that its participants showing significant weight loss that lasts. Their system is all about healthy weight loss that fits into your life, is affordable and durable. ! Here is the system you can use at home to calculate Weight Watchers Points for the food you eat to take weight loss to the next level

You need:
nutritional information for the food you will eat <. br>.

A calculator or pen and paper.

Take the number of calories you eat serves. This does not always mean that the numbers on the nutritional content menu on the container, but what you eat of it. Take the number of calories for the serving and divide by 50.

Then, take the total number of fat grams in serving and divide by 12.

Put the two first calculations together.

Next calculate the number of fiber grams in serving and sharing of five. Pull this figure from the first calculation (calories / 50 + fat grams / 12).

You have the number of Weight Watchers points in food serving.

Tips and Warnings

So much of weight loss success managing portions. Be realistic in assessing the serving size you calculate.

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