How To Take The Weight

How To Take The Weight

By | January 16, 2017

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to weight loss success and achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of having, and more

DRINK wisely

Eliminate alcohol and fruit juice that they have too many calories. Stick with coffee, water, tea and just treat yourself to alcohol and juice on a regular basis. Do not drink your calories, eat calories! Choose not to drink unnecessary calories.

discard carbs
Stop eating bread and sugar grains like white pasta and white rice. Eat whole grains-but even look at portions of these and you’ll slim down.


Eat lean proteins and get in your Omega 3 fatty acids through fish and seafood. You will notice how satisfying meat can be and you will notice your stomach gets flatter as well.

Our bodies love vegetables and when you fuel your body with nature’s natural fuel you will feel and see that the body is slimmer, healthier and stronger. Eat vegetables for a better body and soul!

GET 90 minutes a day of cardio

Put in the work and break a sweat. If you exercise for 90 minutes every day for at least five out of seven days each week so the weight will fall off! The trick is to combine healthy food with generous exercise noticing significant positive changes in your weight. Working out should be as routine as brushing your teeth.

Green tea ECGC
Will help boost your metabolism and burn fat. Drink green tea instead of your favorite soda or sugary drinks, and making major moves into the right direction.

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