How You Can Save Money And Still Eat Healthy

How You Can Save Money And Still Eat Healthy

By | January 16, 2017

Most people love to save money. With fast food dollar menu trend, some find it cheaper to eat out than to buy food from a grocery store. Here are the steps to save money while still keeping your waistline

You need:!
Pen and paper to create shopping list

Buy in-. . seasonal fruits and vegetables, because they are often cheaper. Try to find a farmer’s market where fruit and vegetables are in better condition from less travel. They also tend to be cheaper

If fresh fruits and vegetables are too expensive, buy frozen or canned. Fresh and frozen vegetables have the same vitamin content, but frozen has a longer shelf life

Bake your own bread and muffins freeze. This is cheaper and healthier than pre-packaged snacks

When going grocery shopping always make a list and shop on a full stomach to avoid impulse shopping

Choose frozen 100% juice concentrates to make juice at home. These are as healthy as bottled juices, only cheaper!

Do not go to the vending machine trap. Bring healthy snacks from home to save money and calories

Tips and Warnings

Remember to eat healthy now will save you money on future health costs

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