Foods That Are Low In Fat And Calories

Foods That Are Low In Fat And Calories

By | January 17, 2017

Doctors often suggest that a low-fat, low-calorie diet for people trying to lose weight or have other health problems. Many choices of food, especially fast food, are loaded with fat and calories. However, you do not have to eat only salad and rice cakes to achieve cutbacks in poor nutrition

Apples, berries, watermelon and cantaloupe are just some of the low-fat, low-calorie fruit available. Choose those that are more water-based. A large banana has about 115 calories, which is quite high for a fruit. Avocado has 35 grams of fat.

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots are good choices for lower fat and lower calorie diets. But many people like to eat certain vegetables with fatty dressings and dips.

lean meat
Ham, turkey and chicken are good lean meats with little fat. But many also have a high salt content, especially ham.

Pasta is low in fat and calories, but you must be careful what you put on it. Avoid creamy sauces like Alfredo sauce. Stick with lighter like a marinara sauce. Also try not top your pasta with lots of cheese, especially cheese.

100-calorie snacks
Many snack businesses embark various products like potato chips, cookies and other goodies that add up to only 100 calories per serving. Be careful with certain elements, because they can be low in calories, but has quite a lot of fat.

Dairy products are generally thought of as having a lot of fat, but there are choices that are quite low. Some cheeses are part-skim milk, such as mozzarella. Yogurt is also usually low in calories and fat. Even escape may be low or non-fat.

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