Health Effects Of Caffeine

Health Effects Of Caffeine

By | January 17, 2017

there is much debate about the health effects of caffeine, and whether these effects are primarily positive or negative. caffeine, particularly coffee, has been studied carefully to determine how it can benefit and how it can cause side effects.

note headache caused by caffeine withdrawal led researchers to study the effects of caffeine on those with persistent headache or migraine research found that caffeine is actually of great benefit to those with migraine or frequent headaches. . over the counter medications like Excedrin? combining aspirin, caffeine and paracetamol is believed to be most effective in treating headaches. often migraine sufferers take a caffeine supplement at the first sign of an oncoming migraine. in this way the effect of caffeine is beneficial.
effects of caffeine has also been studied in pregnant women. it is currently believed that the moderate use of caffeine, maybe a cup to two cups of coffee a day is unlikely to have an effect on the growing child. It is also unlikely to affect fertility or cause miscarriage. Some of these studies have been criticized because the population of pregnant women have undergone changes. Women are now likely to have children later in life, which can affect both fertility and abortion rates. so the debate still rages on the effects of caffeine in the pregnant woman.

Caffeine does pass into breast milk and may affect the nursing baby. excessive caffeine in breast milk can cause irritability or sleepiness. other children seem unaffected by VAT consuming caffeine. advises most pediatricians nursing mothers to consume more than one cup of coffee a day to avoid unwanted effects of caffeine in a nursing child.
effects of caffeine on women in general have been studied to see if caffeine intake increases the risk of certain cancers. in 1990, three studies concluded that the risk of breast cancer is increased by caffeine. further studies in the 1990s also concluded that ovarian cancer risk does not increase in caffeine users. Caffeine is also not specified in the development of osteoporosis.
because caffeine is a mild diuretic, the effect of caffeine for those who do not have adequate fluid intake can cause mild dehydration. if one regularly indulges in caffeinated beverages, fluid intake of water or juice should be increased. Doctors encourage people especially monitor caffeine intake during very hot weather, or when traveling to warm climates. effects of caffeine in these circumstances is probably more harmful than helpful.

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