How To Become A Vegetarian

How To Become A Vegetarian

By | January 17, 2017

Vegetarianism is an increasingly popular dietary choices, moral and health reasons. And in 2008 with increasing options, it’s never been easier! . Here’s a handy guide on how to cut meat from the daily life

Just do it! Deciding that you want to give up meat. It is a decision that must come from within yourself, not from anyone else. If it is right in your heart, you know.

Go slow! You may be surprised how little you have to change the grocery shopping or cooking habits. Buy things you like, just skip the meat aisle. Concentrate on improving or doing more quantities of meatless dishes you know you like already, such as salads, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc.

You do not need to use. money! You do not necessarily replace fake meat in your dishes, as some can be expensive. But if you like chicken Alfredo pasta, try plain Fettuccini Alfredo-it’s cheaper because add chicken or meat to pasta dishes cost extra. Instead of a pepperoni pizza, for a cheese pizza, which is cheaper anyway! And the money you save on the meat you can use more fresh vegetables.

Read up! Vegetarianism is better for the environment, and with modern factory farming meat is so processed that it is very different from how the meat was raised even 50 years ago. Talk to your pastor, rabbi, or Google “vegetarianism” plus the name of their religion. You may be surprised at how existing beliefs may already correspond to vegetarianism!

Talk to your loved ones! Let them know that you are not going to judge them, but give them information they ask, and let them make up their own minds. Many eat meat are afraid because they feel vegetarians will get sick at the sight or meat, or want to convert them. Let Grandma know she could still do her usual Thanksgiving, you’ll just load up on mashed potatoes, bread and vegetables, and skip the turkey!

Tips and Warnings

In restaurants, if you see a dish you like that includes a meat (such as bacon bits), ask if they can make it without meat. Most places are happy to comply!
Taco Bell is the best fast food restaurant for vegetables, which they asked to replace beans for meat in every conceivable dish! The subway is good too.
Most grocery stores have a section in the frozen food for veggie products, like Morningstar Farms, so keep an eye out!

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