How To Keep Motivated For Weight Loss

How To Keep Motivated For Weight Loss

By | January 17, 2017

All my life I was YoYo’s. Which means a person who lost the extra weight just to get back within a few years to lose it. Up and down, up and down. The weight goes up and then it goes down. Ah !! Weight loss must be one of the most difficult challenges in one’s life. Just think about it there is food everywhere. You can not get away from it all. What you can do is to take control of a situation and be consistent. Say to yourself each other “I can do this forever.” “I am healthy” “I feel great” write these statements down believe what you write. I have found to have a plan contributors. Here are some things you can do. . . .

You need:.

Tape Measure.

Get a recent picture of yourself. If you do not have one you need to get one. It is important to see your progress as weeks, months, years past.

Get a tape measure and measure your entire body.

Write down these numbers:
Measure the neck,

Upper Chest (1 “under the armpit)
Bust (full measure)

midriff (1 “below the bottom of the breast)
Upper arms Left and Right (2 “under the armpit)

Waist (smallest measurement)
Upper Hip (3 “below the waist)

Lower Hip (full measurement)
Upper thigh Left and Right (1 “below the groin)

mid-thigh Left and Right (fullest measure)
Calf Left and Right (fullest measure)

take these measurements once month to see your progress and keep you focused.

Go out and get a journal. Not just any journal do if Life Journey Journal. Label it and make sure you always have it in a special place. Write down what you eat. Keeping track of everything. Maybe you just need to adjust one item throughout your weight loss journey. Write down your goals and take measurements once a month.

Sign up for a free weight loss website that SparkPeople. com where they have so many resources to help people lose weight and keep it off. You will also have great support! Very few can do it on their own.

Exercise . . . . Do I really like the way I feel after I exercise. Because let’s face it, no one really likes to train. It’s just something to be done. Even when we do not want.
Writing down every day in your journal what kind of training you did.

Most importantly believe that you are at a healthy weight. Think I’m thin, and you know what you will get!

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you have a journal and writing down everything in it. It may be just thoughts about how you feel, but also write down what you eat.
Before starting a weight loss program check with your doctor.

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