Useful Weight Loss Ideas

Useful Weight Loss Ideas

By | January 17, 2017

According to Business Week magazine, Americans spend 40 billion dollars each year trying to lose weight. Hard earned money goes towards diet pills, treadmills, personal trainers and gym memberships. And while exercise definitely helps speed up the process of losing weight, people constantly throwing up their hands wondering why after all the money they have spent, and miles they’ve run, they have not lost weight. It turns out, laughing human metabolism last

Understanding Metabolism: Why Exercise alone will not help you lose weight
Understanding the human metabolism is probably the best way to approach losing weight, and strangely, it is one of the least mentioned in books on the subject. Your metabolism is the amount of energy (aka calories) your body burns every day, which in essence is what happens to food after you eat it. Your metabolism breaks food down chemically and distributes it through the blood, in order to operate the body. What it can not break down, store it away as fat. The good news is your metabolism is always working, day and night, to burn calories and you’ll be glad to know that you can do things to speed up and burn more calories (energy) more often, and avoid storing future fat and burn the fat you may already have stored away.

Understanding your metabolism and how you can use it to your advantage.
The first in knowing how your metabolism works, is to realize that you have to eat to work. Your metabolism will burn calories when you are at rest, which means that even when you are sitting and watching TV, you are burning calories. And interestingly enough, according to the Mayo Clinic website, the process of eating and digesting burns 10 percent of the calories you consume each day. So it only makes sense that this natural function would slow significantly by skipping a meal. Just as it is important to keep the gasoline in your car if you want to drive somewhere, you need to nourish your body’s metabolism to keep it burns calories. Eat, then, rule No. 1 to lose weight.

Muscle burns more calories than fat
Another important fact about the human body and how it works is that lean mass (aka muscle) burns calories at a higher rest than fat (which strangely enough does not burn calories). A kilo of muscle in your body will burn between 35 and 50 calories at rest, while fat burns two measly calories per day. Taking time to tone your body is the other way to lose weight

Exercise, Eating, and Lean Muscle Mass Cocktail :. Balance these and you lose. . . Weight!
And the lovely truth about cardiovascular exercise is that it will also speed your metabolism to help you lose weight. Try using one of these three tactics alone to rev rate your body burns calories will be a losing battle. But using them will help you lose weight. Using Rule. 1 as a basis, keeping the body “run” of calories at any time. The best way to do this is by eating five to six times each day (three meals and two or three snacks). The aim would be to keep meals between 300 and 500 calories each to ensure that your metabolism can use everything you’ve eaten without saving anything it does not need. Two hours or so after you’ve had a meal, try a negative calorie snack like raw fruits or vegetables. These snacks are filled with fiber, and your body will actually burn more calories digesting these snacks than snacks itself contains. This will keep your metabolism working to your advantage between meals, so that by the end of the day, you have consumed less without being hungry, and metabolism have been in overdrive all day. And yes, you burn calories all day because your metabolism working all day, but at least half an hour to an hour, if you engage in cardiovascular exercise, you will burn a large amount of calories, not to mention state muscles in the process so that they will continue burning calories at a higher resting assess the duration of the day

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