Which Foods Cause Kidney Stones?

Which Foods Cause Kidney Stones?

By | January 17, 2017

What are Kidney Stones Made Of?

Kidney stones consists of crystals that are normally found in the urine, but have separated and built up in clusters. The most common chemicals found in these clusters are oxalate and phosphate, both of which are found in foods part of most people’s diet. But when these foods are consumed in excess among people who are predisposed to kidney stones (mostly due to family or personal medical history), kidney stones can form.

Although there are other types of kidney stones that can be formed, those who are affected by foods are calcium oxalate stones.
Foods High in Oxalate

When foods high in oxalate are consumed often by a person with a history of kidney stones, it is likely that kidney stones will form again. Oxalates specifically remove the body’s ability to use calcium as effective, which may result in additional calcium and oxalate. According give. com, patients with previous kidney stones avoid consuming more than 50 mg of oxalate per day. Foods that contain high levels of oxalate include:

nuts /> tea, especially black tea

swiss chard

wheat germ or bran
soybeans biscuits

peanuts /> okra

sweet potatoes
Foods with Elevated levels Oxalate

The following foods do not contain high oxalate levels, but still may contain higher than average forms of oxalate:

strawberry /> tripe so somlever, kidneys and brains

marmalade /> green peppers
Consomme or broth
red raspberry

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